10 Best Ryder Cup Moments In History

The Ryder Cup has changed a lot of sports communities across the globe. This event always attracts international viewers worldwide to crave more golf action on their favorite TV channels.

Since the event’s establishment in 1927, it has marked a series of glorious moments to capture and remember for many decades into the future. Some of the moments were inspiring, emotional, and some were saddening.

Samuel Ryder was the one who inspired the charitable competition. Nowadays, we have recognized this as the way to meet professional golf players from two continents for the same reason. We always see the friendly rivalry between the US and European teams.

All of the events were fantastic until the pandemic struck in 2020. Due to the covid19, the officials had to postpone the big event and let the people wait for around a year until the event took place.

The Ryder Cup won’t be dead, at least not in our timeline. There is a good reason why we still see the amazingness of this particular competition right now. The organizers and contributors of the event have been working together to make this event great. We should thank the people who worked hard in the past to make sure that the Ryder Cup would stay relevant in today’s sports industry.

10 Best Ryder Cup Moments In History

Let’s trace back the most memorable moments in the history of the Ryder Cup below.

1985-Sam Torrance Achievement

Team Europe celebrated the victory in 1985. But it has an interesting back story.

Before the 1979 Ryder Cup, only Great Britain and Ireland players could participate in the Ryder Cup to represent Europe. The European players participated in the Ryder Cup team in 1979. Also, before 79, the US team was dominating the competition.

The European team was struggling. Back in 1983, they almost won. However, the actual first achievement was back in 1985, when Sam Torrance conducted the closing hole. For the first time in 28 years, a European team managed to win.

1979-The more significant participation of European players

From day 1 of the competition, the competition only showcased the rivalries between the US, Ireland, and Great Britain. People were questioning the participation of the other European countries in the Ryder Cup.

But in 1979, everything changed. More European countries were participating. Golfers from continental Europe indeed have high competitive levels. Before the inclusion, the US team dominated the tournament for the first half-century.

The team Europe made an immediate impact when John Jacobs became the captain.

2012-Something happened in Medinah

Many people who followed the Ryder Cup can not forget what happened back then in Medinah.

The 2012 competition is taking place at Medinah Country Club.

The US team only needed four and a half points to win the prestigious Ryder Cup.

Many people didn’t turn on their screens to see the struggle of Team Europe since they needed to have eight and a half points to secure the cup.

But there was a miracle happening. The European team made a comeback after winning eight matches. Europe finally won the cup.

Poulter’s five closing birdies were the mark of the winning European team. This comeback was later known as the Miracle at Medinah.

The story has spread around the world so that it has its movie with the same name.

1999-Team USA Comeback

Team Europe was way ahead of Team US by 10-6, but then Steve Pate and Jim Furyk brought out their best performances to win the matches. Team USA won with a 14.5-13.5 score. It was one of the biggest comebacks in history.

1969-The intense tournament tie

That year was the first tie in Ryder Cup history. That happened when Jack Nicklaus played against Tony Jacklin.

1991-the most intense rivalry

That year’s Ryder Cup took place on Kiawah Island, South Carolina. All the matches were pretty close, so it was so difficult to predict who would be the winner. But then, Team America won by 14.5-13.5.

1993-US last win in Europe

1993 marked the last win of the US team on European soil. Back then, the 30th Ryder Cup was the latest win for the USA team who came to Belfry, Warwickshire, England. Will the US win again on European soil? That’s a huge question mark to answer. While the 2021 year is not possible since the Ryder Cup takes place in the US, the next chance is in the 2023 edition of the Ryder Cup.

2008-Poulter achievements

The 2008 Ryder Cup was the debut of a golfer in such a prestigious competition.

The player was the wildcard pick in the European team. Back then, Nick Faldo was the captain who picked the respective golfers.

Although his team lost to Team USA, Poulter stole the show. He scored four individual points. That was a fantastic story, more than ordinary players in the competition. Thanks to his efforts, a lot of applause was given to the European team.

2016-Epic Sunday Event

The 2016 Ryder Cup was another incredible moment. A miracle happened to the USA team. Before that event, Team USA experienced three strikes of losing. But at that time, they were more prepared. It was their first after three defeats.

It was also the pivotal point for the next generation of golfers from the team, such as Patrick Reed, Jordan Spieth, Fowler, etc.

2006-Clarke’s sad moment

Darren Clarke was one of the participants in the Ryder Cup in 2006. Something sad happened six weeks before the Ryder Cup competition. He lost his wife to cancer.

Clarke was affected hugely, failing the tournament qualification. However, Ian Woosman, the team captain at that time, picked him as a wild card.

Despite the sad news, he managed to win three matches when he played against Tiger Woods. The European team won the cup. The team captain dedicated the Cup to Clarke’s wife.

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