Econocom Proclaimed as the Official Supplier of Ryder Cup 2018, and the other good news

Recently, Econocom announced that it would be an Official Supplier of The 2018 Ryder Cup. Econocom is the leading European entity specializing in the digital transformation of the organization.

Econocom Proclaimed as the Official Supplier of Ryder Cup 2018

So, what are the supplies provided by the respective company? That will revolve around the hardware products that are pivotal for the Ryder Cup events. The Conocom will also be the Presenting Sponsor of the On Course Radio Service for the biennial contest. The fact of the competition will happen at Le Golf National, Paris.

There will be more than 1,500 accredited medias on the Ryder Cup 2018 site with around 7,500 staffs to provide the newest updates and information. Econocom will hold an important role in delivering the laptops for the team in charge of collecting the data on and off the course.

In the site of the Ryder Cup, there will be many users who need the printers, copiers, and other supportive devices in the media center. Not to mention that Econocom will provide everything the staff needs in the Ryder Cup offices. The Presenting Sponsor will also make the features on-course Radio Service.

There will be around 275,000 plus spectators at the events that will need to keep up with the updates. The radio service will be providing the commentary content in both English and French throughout the Ryder Cup competition.

The Chief Executive Officer of Conocom Group, Robert Bouchard, stated that their party was very excited about the event. This will, of course, bring the brand to the next different level by supporting such a prestigious event. The Ryder Cup comes to France for the first time in the history this year. Econocom has been known as the leading digital company in Europe. So it is only natural that the officials choose this brand to provide the supports for the event. The Econocom will present the Ryder Cup Europe with the state-of-the-art digital experience for all folks. They will contribute to making the game more successful.

The Ryder Cup Europe Director, Richard Hills, also stated the enthusiasm for the upcoming event. The partnership between the Ryder Cup officials with the Econocom will strengthen the bonds between the top leading companies in Europe. They will come together to support and sponsor the Ryder Cup Europe.

Recently, Econocom launched its newest technology called Econocloud in France. The new feature offers further cloud security improvement. The service is the new cloud solution produced by the ASP SERVEUR in France. The cloud solution service will put the IT production into a secure zone. This advancement will alleviate French firms’ concerns about the confidentiality, security, and disclosure. The Econocloud will be the safeguard for the companies to protect their digital assets.

Now, let’s come to the other good news. The officials confirmed that the Ryder Cup 2018 Stamp launches are official. The French Postal services La Poste has established the stamp issue and the minisheet to commemorate the hypes of the 2018 Ryder Cup. The Golf’s greatest team contest has been the hot topic recently. So, it is natural that people can use the stamp to commemorate the prestigious event.

As we know, the 2018 Ryder Cup is happening soon. The stamp appeared for the first time during the HNA Open de France. At that time, Mrs. Laura Flessel, the French Minister of Sport, President of Saint-Quentin En-Yvelines, and Ryder Cup Europe Director witnessed the release. The stamp will be a great souvenir for all the Ryder Cup enthusiasts. We remember that the first French player to win the Ryder Cup in 2004 was Thomas Levet. He was on hand for the event alongside with the 2018 European Junior Ryder Captain Maïtena Aluguren who were there at the launch.

Back then on July 2nd, the French Postal services La Poste officially issued a stamp and a mini-sheet to commemorate the prestigious upcoming event. The 2018 Ryder Cup is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal events happening in the country.It is the most prestigious golf competition that will stop the country for a few days. The Ryder Cup Europe happens under the umbrella of French Golf Federation. This will take place from 25 to 30 September. If you write a lot, the stamp will be prevalent for you.

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