2 Months Until the Ryder Cup 2018

It is 2 months away until the first ball coming at the 2018 Ryder Cup. The most famous golf tournament will happen at Le Golf National, from 25 September to 30 September. This is where the international viewers will witness the Europeans actions to reclaim their trophy from the American counterparts.

Ryder Cup 2018

The top players will battle at the court. Although it is still 2 months away, both fans and players agree that it is never too early to discuss and get excited. The upcoming event will be the biggest and most exciting Ryder Cup. Many big fans have been siding with the Thomas Bjorn side. And just like other Europeans, the fans commitment to the player also add for the upcoming events.

There are many people, not just in Paris, but also across the country, and even the Europe to expect the most significant moments of the Ryder Cup from their favorite screen. Not to mention that all the parties involved in the upcoming big event will give their best to make this the most magnificent Ryder Cup the world has ever seen. If you are following the golf tournament this year, Ryder Cup is definitely one of the most significant events that you will want to follow. Most of the diehard fans of the golf feel fortunate to have such opportunities.

Every fan around the world remembers the joy of witnessing their favorite player get the trophy. Regardless the individual recipient, the player represents the country as well. The players who participate with the Ryder Cup will surely want to be the part of the history too. That’s why it is always exciting to witness all the actions that will happen in the Ryder Cup.

Put it just, we are talking about the Ryder Cup. There is no other competition like this in the world.

The upcoming event will be the 42nd of Ryder Cup. The matches will happen from 28-30 September in France at the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the suburb southwest of Paris. What makes this year Ryder Cup different is the location of the matches. It will be the second time the Ryder Cup happens in Continental Europe. The last time we witnessed the event at the 1997 competition in Spain.

The defending champion of the big event is the US. But this country has lost the last five matches in Europe. The previous winning was in the competition 1993. The Ryder Cup is the match play event. Each game of the Ryder Cup will be worth in one point.

The format of the competition comes in 3 days. For the details, we can see the explanation of each day below:

Day 1 (Friday) – 4 foursomes (alternate shot) matches and 4 fourballs (better ball) matches
Day 2 (Saturday) – 4 foursome matches and 4 fourball matches
Day 3 (Sunday) – 12 singles matches

There will be four four-ball matches in the morning for the first two days. Then there will be 4 foursome matches in the afternoon. So, you will want to circle the time so that you won’t miss all the matches you await.

There will be a total of 28 points. To win the cup, there will be 14 1/2 points to accumulate. The 14 points are the requirement for the defending champion, the US, to get the Cup back. All of the matches under the Ryder Cup will happen at maximum eighteen holes.

To get through France as the holder, the bidding process was quite rigorous. Six countries joined in the bidding process. For the 2018 Ryder Cup, the participants of the bidding are France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Sweden. But Sweden withdrew from the bidding. The result was obvious. French came out as the host on 17 May 2011. The qualification for the Ryder Cup happened on 18 January 2017.

For those who won’t attend the court, you will be able to follow the spectacle from your favorite screen. NBC has the exclusive right to broadcast all the golf matches from 2016-2030. You will be able to watch right through your NBC channel. For UK viewers, you could tune in a Sky Sports channel.

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