Patrick Reed – The Next Possible Ryder Cup Champion

The recent achievements attained by Patrick Reed in the Masters shows the public that he is indeed capable of achieving great things and he will likely have the next accomplishment in the British Open in Carnoustie, Scotland.

Patrick Reed
However, Patrick Reed might be one that British fans would hate because of his tendency to play for the other side in the Ryder Cup. In a British Open practice round, the Masters champion tried a variety of shots. Although many British fans would love to hate the player, we noticed that one Scot rooted for him. The fan shouted “That’s the one!”, which makes Reed smile and draw a thumbs up.

Reed has been preparing to win the second major and set himself up as one of the big contenders in the golf world. He often talks to the public about his practice round and the team that he has put together to make his dream come true.

He also stated that he and his team are on the right path and have been doing the right thing so far. So, they will just need to keep grinding and continuing. He also hopes that all the majors can be well. He was pretty enthusiastic when it comes to winning the Grand Slam at some point.

His winning at Masters has shown that he is also capable of attaining more significant things in the future. Besides as the Ryder Cup hero for the US, he is now a considerable champion too. In his long career, he has the belief to play in major tournaments.

What makes him different from other players?

While ordinary players might be nervous, he is relaxed. He treats all the matches like they are just everyday events. As we know, many players put pressure to themselves, forcing to go play well, and set boundaries. Reed suggested that there was no point in putting too much trouble. He said “And now I go in there and try play golf and keep in the mindset of, hey, it’s just another day on the golf course. Let’s just go play.” From his statement, we can conclude that he is able to beat his anxiety. He has set the right mindset to be the champion of the upcoming event.

Reed finished tied for the second at the PGA Championship last year, won the Masters in April, and finished fourth last month at the US Open. These statistics show that Reed has every potent needed to be competing in the upcoming Ryder Cup.

Perhaps British fans do not have the same sound because he hasn’t had attainments in the four British Opens. But one thing for sure, he has what it takes to attain the winning position. He is playing with the confidence. The Scottish fans who watch him on No. 16 agree that Reed knows how to win big tournaments without feeling pressured.

Reed said that he just needs to have fun with it and went out and played golf. Then the next thing he would expect to see how far he could hit some of the irons off the tees into fairways.

He stated that statement when he played his practice round Tuesday. Not to mention that he is used to practicing by himself. We can’t deny that not all folks are enthusiastic with him playing on the court. The lack of attention is because of Reed’s statement implying that he considered the big tournament just as usual day in the golf world. Although many fans have every reason to love this figure, there are also some reasons to dislike the player. Some of you perhaps remember him shushing the crowd while trying to rally the US team at Ryder Cup 2014 in Scotland.

There have been mixed reviews from many people. However, Reed does not seem to be bothered. He just played the golf for his country and his passion, which is the golf itself.

His dream is to play on the PGA tour. When he secured the masters, he was sure that there are better things to come in the future.

It is also possible that some fans may neglect the fact that he plays on the other side in the Ryder Cup. When he wins, everything can happen.

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